Pinellas County Short Term Rental Zoning

Dated: February 26 2020

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If you are familiar with real estate investing you are aware that you can get some of the best returns with short term rentals. Unfortunately, not all areas of Pinellas County are zoned to allow Airbnb rentals. Many homes are grandfathered in and there are also many people running Airbnbs in areas that do not allow it. While it is possible to get away with this, all it takes is one upset neighborhood reporting you and your rental income is gone. If you take the gamble and run a short term rental in an area that does not allow it, I recommend making sure the property still cash flows as a normal rental so you are not losing money if you are ever not allowed to run it as a short term option. Below is the updated 2022 Pinellas County Map showing the different zoned areas. All areas marked unincorporated allow short term and the pink areas allow short term rentals if you apply for a permit and follow the designated rules. If you have any questions on short term rentals feel free to reach out anytime at 727-404-5530 or

Before purchasing any property, please verify HOA rules and call the respective contact for the city listed in the link below.

Pinellas County Contacts

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