Pinellas County Short Term Rental Zoning - Map Of Areas Allowing Daily Rentals On Airbnb

Dated: September 6 2023

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Pinellas County Zoning Rules Short Term REntal map

If you're considering investing in short-term rentals in Pinellas County, understanding the local zoning regulations is crucial. The map above shows areas that allow daily rentals in color. Please note that these areas may still have deed or HOA restrictions but daily rentals are allowed if the neighborhood does not have these restrictions.

Why Zoning Rules Matter in Pinellas County

Operating a non-compliant short-term rental in Pinellas County can be risky. A single complaint from a neighbor could jeopardize your entire rental income. Make sure your property can also generate income as a long-term rental to mitigate this risk.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the zoning laws for short-term rentals in Pinellas County?

    Zoning laws can differ depending on the area. Generally, unincorporated areas, Largo, and Indian Rocks permit short-term rentals, along with DC zoning in Dunedin and specially zoned areas of Gulfport.

  2. How can I verify if my property is in a compliant zone?

    Consult the official Pinellas County Zoning Map and confirm with local authorities for the most accurate information.

  3. What are the risks of operating a non-compliant Airbnb in Pinellas County?

    Operating a non-compliant Airbnb could result in loss of rental income and potential legal repercussions.

  4. How can I estimate the income of an Airbnb?

    Use our Chat GPT Short term rental income calculator here. 

Learn More About Pinellas County Zoning

For a deeper understanding of zoning regulations in Pinellas County, watch the video below.

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