Are Short-Term Rentals Allowed In Clearwater Florida?

Dated: September 6 2023

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The allure of short-term rentals in Clearwater is on the rise, especially with platforms like Airdna ranking it among the top investment destinations in the U.S. However, there's a significant caveat: most Clearwater neighborhoods have a 31-day minimum rental policy. Below is the list of options for properties that can legally rent for less than 31 days along with a map showing unincorporated areas.

1. Legacy Properties on Clearwater Beach

Some properties have been in the short-term rental game since before the new regulations. These legacy properties are often highlighted as short-term rental-friendly in sales listings, and they are seldom up for sale.

2. Condo-Hotels

These are condominiums specifically designed to function as rentals. Many come with the perk of on-site management, and some mandate the use of their in-house management services.

Map of Daily Rental Locations in Clearwater, Florida
Description: A map showing locations where you can rent on a daily basis in Clearwater, Florida.

3. Specialty HOAs and Condominiums

A select number of condos and townhome HOAs in Clearwater allow for daily or weekly rentals. A savvy real estate agent can guide you to these hidden gems.

4. Unincorporated Zones

These are pockets within Clearwater that adhere solely to County rental regulations. You can spot these areas on zoning maps, and they're also indicated in property records as "Unincorporated."

Due Diligence is Key

Before you commit to any property, make sure to double-check the rental restrictions for that specific address by calling the city of Clearwater zoning department.

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